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Ok....this "all-dress-week" project didn't work out cause: 
1.I had nobody to take a picture of me, aaaand 
2.today i wore jeans....(sorry, couldn't resist....i missed them).
I promised myself to try it out once more...it just needs to show some discipline 

Anyway, while i was at the library studying there was this girl who was wearing a t-shirt with a really  funky print on it and it just came to me....the new obsession (for the day at least) COOL,PRINTED, HIP T-SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They look so cool and fresh, 100% compatible with both our age and status (students), and it just seems right.
I know it's almost Christmas, but you can really make a winter-outfit with a t-shirt just by choosing the colors to be right and appropriate to the season, adding a woolen cardigan, or a lovely parka 
(sometimes even with a fur coat),and some boots (i prefer UGGs) and you're all set...I'll do it for tomorrow and let you know what finally occurred 


Project : Dress, Day#1: Monday

Hey there, it has been ages since the last time I posted over here.....I've been extremely busy with university as I have a couple of papers due to sometime-after-Christmas and loads of studying to do too. I know that that's not an excuse buuuuuut.....
I decided to make my week interesting and challenging for me and that's why i'll try to do it an "all-dress-week". I want to check my creativity skills in outfit making and dressing. Plus, it's going to be an extremely girl week for me......
So here is Monday:

 Honestly, I can't remember since when I have this dress, but I remember I cannot NOT wear it for ages now. The picture was taken in the library at the same time when the janitor was begging us to leave the building so he could close up.....=P
So what do think?

Dress: Zara Basic
Shirt: H&M
Leather Jacket: Berska
Accessorize Necklace 
Longchamp Bag

And don't forget ------------------------------------>


3 Down......22 To Go

Ok, I know i am 3 days late,but you know what the say: "Better late than never",so...
Have a very HAPPY MONTH,keep in mind that Christmas is something more than near.
When I think of winter, it comes in mind something like cold,rain,snow(even better),skiing,and furry coats (personally i prefer furry vests but that's just me though)...but above all it's CHRISTMAS in a short while.Gifts and presents,spending your days with your loved ones, eve's party, night elegant outfits,gold,red,black,lace,wool etc....

So all i can wish you guys for now is --------------------------->


I heart Backpacks

And the wish-list keeps on growing....
Backpacks are a new obsession of mine.
I love them all
I heart Backpacks


...And Long Brown Hair...

Recently i just realized that my hair has got really long (i mean that for my standards the current length is a personal record) and i am really excited about it....So i am slightly obsessed with hair the past few days.What i love the most about long straight hair are two things:
1. How easy flowing are they and how easily they move in the slightest movement or breeze. 
Very in harmony!!!
2. The fact that they are like a white canvas ready to be drawn.
 You can do everything with hair like this. So, go abso-fucking-lutely C R A Z Y!!


Out & About....With Style

Just came back home. I was missing all day long 
(ok, i wasn't out goofing around all day long)
but i realized that ending your day in a fun and carefree way 
is the best thing.