Print it!


Ok....this "all-dress-week" project didn't work out cause: 
1.I had nobody to take a picture of me, aaaand 
2.today i wore jeans....(sorry, couldn't resist....i missed them).
I promised myself to try it out once more...it just needs to show some discipline 

Anyway, while i was at the library studying there was this girl who was wearing a t-shirt with a really  funky print on it and it just came to me....the new obsession (for the day at least) COOL,PRINTED, HIP T-SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They look so cool and fresh, 100% compatible with both our age and status (students), and it just seems right.
I know it's almost Christmas, but you can really make a winter-outfit with a t-shirt just by choosing the colors to be right and appropriate to the season, adding a woolen cardigan, or a lovely parka 
(sometimes even with a fur coat),and some boots (i prefer UGGs) and you're all set...I'll do it for tomorrow and let you know what finally occurred 

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