Project : Dress, Day#1: Monday

Hey there, it has been ages since the last time I posted over here.....I've been extremely busy with university as I have a couple of papers due to sometime-after-Christmas and loads of studying to do too. I know that that's not an excuse buuuuuut.....
I decided to make my week interesting and challenging for me and that's why i'll try to do it an "all-dress-week". I want to check my creativity skills in outfit making and dressing. Plus, it's going to be an extremely girl week for me......
So here is Monday:

 Honestly, I can't remember since when I have this dress, but I remember I cannot NOT wear it for ages now. The picture was taken in the library at the same time when the janitor was begging us to leave the building so he could close up.....=P
So what do think?

Dress: Zara Basic
Shirt: H&M
Leather Jacket: Berska
Accessorize Necklace 
Longchamp Bag

And don't forget ------------------------------------>

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