Models gone crazy.....

I swear i have an auntie who dances the exact same way......as for the clothes.....dare say i do not like them so much. Exept from some cocktail  dresses,all the rest seem just too much. After all my way of dressing / living was, is and always will be LESS IS MORE!!!
ps: And as a good friend of mine always says : " Εγώ αυτά τα ονομάζω ψυχολογικά"......


FALL(en) Girls 2011

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2011 Collection


The F**** Bag....

Ok i admit it, i am an addict with blue......This outfit was taken yesterday. I'm spending my last 3 days of vacations (in Patras) and i was about to go out for an early ('till late ) coffee.It was slightly windy and that's why i wore the cardigan (you know i love them and i can't wait for the weather to get more chilly ). I noticed in those pictures that i've started to lose my tan....normal since this year i didn't spend quite a lot of time under the sun, or at the beach (off course i visited it a several times but.......apparently they weren't enough).

Tank Top ( i don't know from where)
Blue Cardigan ZARA
Vintage denim shorts
GAP peep-toes flats
Ray Ban clubmasters
Blanco earrings
My mum's ring
Denim Fendi Satchel



Amazing outfits and street style, most likely NOT taken in Greece......i wonder, are the Greeks that open-minded so that they wouldn't mind of a total stranger taking their photo?I've never tried taking photos of well dressed people in Athens....i guess i'm just too shy to do that,AND afraid of how may they react.........


McQueen goes casual

These are some of the new t-shirts designed by McQueen for the Fall/Winter Collection of '11. Although they are not what this house is known for, neither are we used to something like this before (once again by this house), i reckon that they'll catch the public's eye, and that's for granted (!). At least i know i could die to have one of these (especially the one in the 1st picture!!!!!!!)...


Red Alert!!!!!!!!!!!

Red is the color of passion.Fashionistas have a passion for fashion, therefore: every fashionable person wears red.....Ok i admit it, that's not the way it works.However, red is a lovely color that not only can give an extra hint of a "high-sensed-of-fashion(able)" person, but it can also cheer you up and boost your confidence.Worn all year long and in a great variety of textures. Personally, i love wearing red accessories such as handbags,bracelets,scarves,earrings (etc), especially throughout fall and winter because they are cozy and they make a wonderful contrast with the gloomy weather (and clothes).

It is HOT HOT HOT...

It's Saturday,it's hot and i wanna go out and lay in the sun....



Another one of my babies

So...here's the 1st outfit post from me!It's all about (some of) my favorite items (at least among those that i've brought with me on my vacation) for the summer.Which are those????But off course my clubmasters (vintage, a gift from my daddy),my skull scarf and above all, the yellow Prada bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ahhhh......How do i even begin talking about this one?........i'm completely and undeniably in love with it.The color,the texture everything!I love the contrast effect it does with the more neutral colored parts of the outfits.It goes with (almost) everything,sooo i'm holding it with everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(it has became kind of a trademark for  me this summer). Apart from these i'll be returning back home in Athens in 8 days and i'm already thinking about my friends (i've missed them so much),us going out for drinks,goofing around again once more and off course,all the studying we have to do (i'm excited about that) since the exams' period is approaching (not so excited about that though).Also, i can't wait to start wearing again more "autumn suitable" clothes.....i've missed them too!
Gap tank top
Vintage jean shorts
Stradivarius skull scarf
Blanco hooped earrings
Ray Ban clubmasters
My mum's ring
Yellow Prada Shoulder bag




All Saints vintage shirt
$40 - allsaints.com

Splendid fitted shirt
$65 - stylebop.com

Siwy short shorts
$195 - amrag.com

Balenciaga handbag
$1,245 - barneys.com

Statement ring
€30 - webstore.scotch-soda.com

Yellow gold ring
$1,500 - castorandpolluxstore.com

Hoop earrings
$88 - kylerdesigns.com

Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses
$145 - bergdorfgoodman.com

Alexander mcqueen scarve
$535 - mytheresa.com

$42 - shoplastyle.com


Post No.1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This would be the very first post i' ve ever made ,so i thought  it'd nice to be about describing me (and  my style off course). I'm a 20-year-old student from Greece, i study shipping and i spend most off my day in my uni,or to be more honest in a reading room (yes i' m a complete geek!!!!).I believe and support the dogma of " Less is more". I love simple and casual clothes that are suitable for every hour of the day. Jeans,cigarette trousers,skirts,vests and cardigans (i absolutely adore those), XL tees and tank tops are what i love to wear mostly. However though, my fetich is handbags (and jewelry of course. Honestly which woman doesn't like them?!). From small clutches to oversized handbags, I own them all!!!!!! I don't have any certain fashion icon in my mind, as an inspiration i have various celebrities' street style that stay within the limits of the principal of "less is MORE". Anyway, this is the 1st expression of what appears to be a thrilling new hobby for me (during my study breaks.....), i hope you guys like it and find it quite interesting.
'Till the next time.
My baby!!!!!!! 

Well,that's me !