The F**** Bag....

Ok i admit it, i am an addict with blue......This outfit was taken yesterday. I'm spending my last 3 days of vacations (in Patras) and i was about to go out for an early ('till late ) coffee.It was slightly windy and that's why i wore the cardigan (you know i love them and i can't wait for the weather to get more chilly ). I noticed in those pictures that i've started to lose my tan....normal since this year i didn't spend quite a lot of time under the sun, or at the beach (off course i visited it a several times but.......apparently they weren't enough).

Tank Top ( i don't know from where)
Blue Cardigan ZARA
Vintage denim shorts
GAP peep-toes flats
Ray Ban clubmasters
Blanco earrings
My mum's ring
Denim Fendi Satchel

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