Have a Happy Sunday everybody!!!!!!!!!!!
I woke up with a slightly " '80s-ish & autumn" mood and all i can think about is blue,red,beige,knits,jeans and red lips...wondering what am i going to wear today?
(cause it's a library day.....as everyday)

P.s: The title of the post stands for John Bon Jovi,as a song of his was on the radio the exact very moment i got off the bed


Mida's Touch

We've seen it in runways.We've loved it, but is it wearable outside from the catwalk (on an extremely special occasion of course) or is it still too much?
And if it is why do they always show us trends that are not easily wearable?


Tangled #2

I just wanted to be as much attached to the news here in Greece as possible.
All i've been hearing those past few days and especially the three last days to be more accurate is
 "The debt's trimming off" and it just came to me.....


As fashion passes by #5: The '60s

Funky & Colorful....his is the residue mood of the '60s.
 Crazy times which implies to fashion as well. Fluo colors,high heels and boots,bold eyeliner with natural lips,tinny tinnie eyebrows.Big hats-small belts-huge sunglasses.All very extra ladylike-ish from head to toe (literally).

Sophia Lauren

Sophia Lauren

Grace Kelly
& of course Twiggy

Rihanna Rocks

Rihanna for Vogue's UK November Issue



As fashion passes by #4: The '50s

Lets carry on with style evolution.....The '50s, classical lines in designing clothes and shoes,white button-ups and collars,medium length on skirts and dresses and for the first time we see a woman in trousers (!!!). It's the moment when most of the big fashion houses started to begin their work and became well known worldwide (for the moments standards at least...).
Photo campaigns from Dior,Balmain & Chanel.....Such poise,truly stylish and classy.



As fashion passes by #3: The '40s

The '40s:
Continuing on with style's and fashion's evolution we carry on with the '40s. We can easily notice that the clothes have became much more comfortable and easy to wear on a daily basis. I think "simple" is the word i am looking for here. Simplicity not (only/mostly) on the designs, but mostly on the fabrics and materials they were using. And who could blame them, the demanding group of customers for fashion then were doing great efforts to get over World's War's II consequences. However, we ought to admit though that they were never in lack of style.Just see those pictures...


As fashion passes by #2: The '30s

 So, continuing with the post saga ( ok,maybe not SAGA but you know how i meant it...) anyway. The '30s, what do we like about the '30s? But off course the beaded clothes and garments.There is sequences everywhere and personally i cannot pass this through just like this, i love it!They are much more "wearable" according to our (contemporary) sense of style and way much more ladylike (not so girly as lady like). Long necklaces, net stockings, feathers (originally from this era and on) in hair accessories, elegant jewelry that dazzles you, lovely low updos and those quite little hats ( i don't know how they are officially called,i've heard them as "Charleston Hats"...).
 Cute, contemporary (despite the fact it was 1930) & extra ladylike (and could i ever add sexy???)...
The '30s:

P.s : Most picture are from the movie "Atonement"
P.s2 : Do you ever feel like you were meant to live in another era?