As fashion passes by #2: The '30s

 So, continuing with the post saga ( ok,maybe not SAGA but you know how i meant it...) anyway. The '30s, what do we like about the '30s? But off course the beaded clothes and garments.There is sequences everywhere and personally i cannot pass this through just like this, i love it!They are much more "wearable" according to our (contemporary) sense of style and way much more ladylike (not so girly as lady like). Long necklaces, net stockings, feathers (originally from this era and on) in hair accessories, elegant jewelry that dazzles you, lovely low updos and those quite little hats ( i don't know how they are officially called,i've heard them as "Charleston Hats"...).
 Cute, contemporary (despite the fact it was 1930) & extra ladylike (and could i ever add sexy???)...
The '30s:

P.s : Most picture are from the movie "Atonement"
P.s2 : Do you ever feel like you were meant to live in another era?

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  1. Funny, i was thinking about the Keira's green dress today...And James Mc Avoy ofcorse....
    Kisses and hugs
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark