London Calling....AGAIN!

Just so you do not tell me later i didn't told you so: 
The following post is another "Worship England and everything that goes with it"-type post!!!!!

So once more, (as always actually) the weather over here reminds me of England, resulting in firstly posting this and secondly behaving like a completely stranger to the country i've lived and grew up(beside those 2 fantastic years in the UK). I don't know what's wrong but during those days i like to dress, and look like British.I'd even  talk in English rather than Greek and prefer tea instead of coffee ( which is so not like me at all!!!). I like to think of that as a prominision of moving there sooner or later (.....but i like to dream a lot!!!!!).
Anyway, here there are (again) some pictures (but not the same though) of....British stuff.



  1. I love everything British too! Everything they do seems better than anything! xoxoxoo

  2. Hello my dear girl!!! You have an amazing blog!!
    Well done!!!
    Thanks so much for visiting and for your lovely comment!
    Many kisses and hugs!!!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark