Ahhh..Those Rainy Days

The past couple of days it has been quite chilly over here in Athens (at last if you ask me!...) and let's face it the vast majority of Greeks dislike cold,windy,rainy(etc) sort of weather. Or even if we (like it) we aren't used to it (at least not from the early October days), so....as i 've been walking around Athens downtown i've noticed beside the "well-dressed" and "stylish" people (they were a few, oh and i don't like using these terms so feel free to give any suggestions on commentary...) many,many,many^98657983 "fashion-victims"(?maybe) "over-achievers"(?perhaps).Anyway, i saw people in UGGS, in sandals , in flip flops, in peep toe flats, in fur booties,in coats, shorts....even fur vests (!!!!!??!?!!!???!!! for crying out loud it's only October yet!). Notice that:
Fact #1: It was raining
Fact #2: It was JUST raining.NOT snowing
Fact #3: Since it was a rainy day by definition it was NOT sunny
Fact #4: Temperature level 17-24C
So why people? Why are you dressed to the limits, either overdressed for now (eg. uggs_IN ATHENS DURING OCTOBER?!seriously?!, fur garments, etc),either too lightly dressed for now (eg.sandals, shorts and peep toe shoes during a rain....).What are you going to wear in December?skiing suits?

Here are some examples of what (is to my opinion )appropriate for...now:
And of course, when it comes to bad weather the Britons have it again!!!!!!! (GO ALEXA!!GO EMMA!!GO SIENNA!!)

p.s : I know SHE would be like this after all these...

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