Oversized Warm & Fuzzy

So, I finally managed to find some time to sit in front of my laptop this weekend after studying like crazy Port management for tomorrow's exam and practically camped in the library for like two days.....(slightly stressed about tomorrow, BUT I'm fully prepared, since I've studied the book and the notes and everything about 8 to 9 times-without any exaggeration!!!).
Anyway though, what i wanted to do all weekend is to post about jumpers.Especially this morning, because as soon as i woke up all i noticed was the darkness outside (for the record it was 07.50,should be daylight) and a really grey sky filled up with big storm clouds (breathtaking).Aaaand i was thinking "what do i wear now,so i don't end up with pneumonia,eh?", and then it came to me:
Oversized,warm & fuzzy

Ok, for sure without the shorts.It's cooold...

Ashley i reckon...


  1. Aaaaaaaaa kai aurio kati tetoia prepei na foresoume tha kanei poli kryo eida. Polla layers, tights kai oversized knits! Kai ena zesto kafe!:)
    Pados eilikrina dn xero pos boreses na diavaseis 8 fores tis simeioseis einai PARA polles!

    See u tomorrow xxx

  2. tis diavazw apo ton augousto...(5 fores)
    kai alles 3 ton iounio.....= 8
    alla vazei krisews kai egw den to exw katholou me tis krisews......ma katholou omws.....tipota thlegrafimata grafw ase...tha gelasoume tomorrow