I heart Backpacks

And the wish-list keeps on growing....
Backpacks are a new obsession of mine.
I love them all
I heart Backpacks


...And Long Brown Hair...

Recently i just realized that my hair has got really long (i mean that for my standards the current length is a personal record) and i am really excited about it....So i am slightly obsessed with hair the past few days.What i love the most about long straight hair are two things:
1. How easy flowing are they and how easily they move in the slightest movement or breeze. 
Very in harmony!!!
2. The fact that they are like a white canvas ready to be drawn.
 You can do everything with hair like this. So, go abso-fucking-lutely C R A Z Y!!


Out & About....With Style

Just came back home. I was missing all day long 
(ok, i wasn't out goofing around all day long)
but i realized that ending your day in a fun and carefree way 
is the best thing. 


WishList #1.

1.Printed Bodies.....
(so stylish and with the right layered outfit they can really make a difference in warmth)
2.Fur/woolen jacket from TopShop 
(i'm not quite sure yet about the materieal)
3.Marc Jacobs Shoulder bag

P.S: Funny thing is though that those pieces are on both: the "WishList" and the "Cant'taffordList" 


Today i spent my day home,being sick...i was domesticated 
(since i haven't spent my entire day at home for ages)
and i dare say that it was nice
and that i needed that
(despite the sickness part of course)



Ok, that's nothing more but another "I heartUK" post.
I know i might be overdoing it....but i can help it.You see,the gloomy weather,the cold and that drizzle that falls everyday all day long are elements of England and not Greece. For me it's pretty awesome this weather and i love it.I get to wear all my clothes and coats and all sorts of boots and to dress somehow like these people....Take a look at these pictures,they are all so stylish


Wool & Fur

Good morning!!!!
I don't know about you but i am freezing......and it feels nice!!Finally we can say and be certain that winter IS here.

Have a good one!!



Cotton Denim Leather

This post is a response to the previous post (remember guys i promised i'll let you know how the outfit turned out to be...) well it was like this.Black tights,white sweater,denim shirt,black blazer and ankle boots (black of course...).Well, i had also a grey scarf but it was way too hot at the moment and it lays in my bag (but still in the photo!!). Well, beside the scarf,the morning i left home with a pair of silver hooped earrings, but lost the one in the middle of the day somewhere in between classes.....well i prefer to say that the earring committed suicide.

My booties,aren't they just great?!

And my "sleeping bag"-Bag as i prefer to call it,BUT it is amazingly stylish (dare i say.....) and comfy,you wont believe your eyes with what it can contain.....
Ok,it's my mum's bag as she could buy a bag like this....it's a little bit too-high-budget-off-financial-limits for me but still,i get to hold her!

P.S: A little "heads up" this weekend it will be COLD in Athens, so i reckon it'll be time for another "I WORSHIP EVERYTHING BRITISH" post....just so you know....


Some Velvet Morning

Just woke up to the sound of Primal Scream and Kate Moss"Some Velvet Morning". And i made myself the same old question: "What do we wear?" .What about some: Black with silver,leather biker's jacket and booties,straight hair and even red lips if you're filling daring enough...???
Well yeah that will be me for today....i'll let you know about the outcome

Inspiration Source: Kate Moss' musical carrier....


Sunday's Up

Sunday city affairs....
Have a good one everybody