Cotton Denim Leather

This post is a response to the previous post (remember guys i promised i'll let you know how the outfit turned out to be...) well it was like this.Black tights,white sweater,denim shirt,black blazer and ankle boots (black of course...).Well, i had also a grey scarf but it was way too hot at the moment and it lays in my bag (but still in the photo!!). Well, beside the scarf,the morning i left home with a pair of silver hooped earrings, but lost the one in the middle of the day somewhere in between classes.....well i prefer to say that the earring committed suicide.

My booties,aren't they just great?!

And my "sleeping bag"-Bag as i prefer to call it,BUT it is amazingly stylish (dare i say.....) and comfy,you wont believe your eyes with what it can contain.....
Ok,it's my mum's bag as she could buy a bag like this....it's a little bit too-high-budget-off-financial-limits for me but still,i get to hold her!

P.S: A little "heads up" this weekend it will be COLD in Athens, so i reckon it'll be time for another "I WORSHIP EVERYTHING BRITISH" post....just so you know....

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  1. Well done dear. I like everything you wear - great style!!!
    Thanks so much for visiting and for your lovely comment.
    Kisses and hugs
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark