Loose Low & Sleek

Loose & low
That's the way ponytails are done nowadays, and i dare say  tend to love this trend every day more and more, since i have classes to attend to in university at 8 o'clock in the morning,which means I need to wake up at 6.30 in the morning (!). However, somehow i've never managed to wake up so early to go to class (!!). Anyway, ponytails. I've became such a big fan of them cause they are the most easy-to-achive-while-sleeping hairdo. All you need is straight (long) hair and a rubber band (or you could even add a big ring and glam it up!!). But attention, your hair must be sleek...
There is only 1 word that goes with them
Done & Stylish

P.s: as you may have realised i prefer the low ones, near the neck.


  1. aaaah! etsi xupnaw ka8e meraaaa! hahaahah like it <3

  2. same over here.....ps mou aresei polu to blog sou einai polu pleasant to read! =D