Another one of my babies

So...here's the 1st outfit post from me!It's all about (some of) my favorite items (at least among those that i've brought with me on my vacation) for the summer.Which are those????But off course my clubmasters (vintage, a gift from my daddy),my skull scarf and above all, the yellow Prada bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ahhhh......How do i even begin talking about this one?........i'm completely and undeniably in love with it.The color,the texture everything!I love the contrast effect it does with the more neutral colored parts of the outfits.It goes with (almost) everything,sooo i'm holding it with everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(it has became kind of a trademark for  me this summer). Apart from these i'll be returning back home in Athens in 8 days and i'm already thinking about my friends (i've missed them so much),us going out for drinks,goofing around again once more and off course,all the studying we have to do (i'm excited about that) since the exams' period is approaching (not so excited about that though).Also, i can't wait to start wearing again more "autumn suitable" clothes.....i've missed them too!
Gap tank top
Vintage jean shorts
Stradivarius skull scarf
Blanco hooped earrings
Ray Ban clubmasters
My mum's ring
Yellow Prada Shoulder bag

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