Cheap and Chic

I am a great supporter of the "belief" that a girl,especially nowadays and even more specifically in Greece,shouldn't spend a fortune in order to get dressed stylish.After all, it not the crown that makes the king (or whatever,something like that). For example the past few days i went to an H&M and i was mind-blown with what i saw.You see they are having an "All-Pants" collection for this season,and you can find everything about pants in extremely affordable prices.And when i say everything i mean E VE RY THING (!!!!!!) for everyone.From all types of trousers, to all the kinds of matching shoes, shirts, sweaters, blouses, blazers accessories, everything. Slightly preppy but perfect though for going to uni. or even, good enough for an office too.
Anyway,I DO NOT mean to make any free publicity or advertising for the brand,i just got over excited,as it was a complete (and pleasant!!!!) surprise, as i wouldn't, under any conditions, be able to spend money for something as new clothes.But really, i've read in another blog about an experiment a girl did.She decided not to buy anything for a whole year and she tested her creativity in matching the same clothes and accessories in new combinations and creating new outfits out of nothing.It really sounds...... challenging, but who would have the discipline to do so?

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