Made in the U.K.

Well, today was all about England for me. I blame nothing else but the weather for that, since from approximately from 14.00 or 15.00 dark clouds have been gathered above Athens and rain (1st RAIN OF THE SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) fell.(oops! ok i just realized that i've gone a bit out of the topic.... sorry).
So, as i wanted to say from the beginning, Britons have amazing sense of style in everything that they do. They may not have the tastiest cuisine, or the funniest jokes (for most of people . Myself personally i find british jokes hilarious and i am not just saying that), but anyway they have an amazing sense of style on their way of dressing, living and spending life in general. 
Here is a small example of that...


  1. I love Alexa's style. Great post's. Great blog , I love it !

  2. i love her style too...it's just you know...within limits.Not too grunge but not so preppy either...thnx for the compliments about the blog