Nicely Messy....


Braids.....the most ideal,highly stylish  hairstyle for the season(as you may have already realized since more and more designers choose braids as catwalk hairstyle,and celebrities also). Not too strict (for winter), nor too loose (for summer time), yet preppy enough you know for uni/school/office etc.....They have been my passion lately. Everyday you'll see me with a different type of braid,though my favorite tends to be the french one. I believe they are extra feminine.Ideal for long hair mostly, even though i believe that to be just a myth, braids look lovely in all hair types and lengths (it's just harder to make in short hair,but it's "doable" at least).
the one i do every day (almost) is one (or two often) tinny french braids with the bangs of my hair...
So people ,embrace messy hair and DO SOMETHING WITH IT(!!!!!!!!!!) don't let it be just like that.....(from personal experience)

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