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So, i finally got the chance to get some (decent..) outfit photos.The other girls are two really close friends of mine,whose style also i find extraordinary. If you look really carefully you may notice that the photos aren't 100%......normal. Well yeah, that's because they were taken after hours of studying in the library.
What I also like very much about the way the girls (A. & D.) dress is that it's right.You know, outfits for the right time and place. I don't like the fact that most women (at least in Greece.I don't know what happens in other countries.) tend to have the problem of not dressing accordingly to the time,the place or even the significance of the event.
Anyway,to come to the outfits:
The "all-denim" one. It's really cute and rare (here in Greece) because most girls are afraid to attempt doing it ( myself included). But A. proves us all wrong and succeeds in it.It also is slightly like a Far West outfit due to all these tiny tinny details (the brown leather belt,the vest and off course the blue -handmade- cardigan).After all, jeans and denim are all time classics garments.
D's outfit.I just have 1 thing to say: " I LOVE PLAID SHIRTS" (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )and that's a fact. (period)
As for me, lately i've started to fall in love with this cardigan. It's black,it's silk (ok it's partly silk, but still) and it feels sooooooo soft on the skin. And i also wear in a daily basis that necklace.Actually it's a ring-watch (gift from my younger brother) and i just cannot take it of me.

After my last experience of having a "photoshoot for my blog guyyyys.Pleaaaase come on..." i decided to do it more often (especially when i have good company)since it was one of the top 3 funniest moment in the past few days.I mean, i do not know what other girls do to take their photos of their outfits for posting,but i know i liked what i did.We ended up tearing from laughing......


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