I AMsterdam....(part 1)

                                                 Hugo Boss' Orange Campaign for FW11


Spot's Bellevieu.....

It's unbelievable what someone can do while waiting for the school bus to arrive.Take outfit pictures, obviously. Off course the school bus (which i was patiently waiting) wasn't for me,as for better or for worse those days are way past gone now.....And let's also note that as long as i was going to school, the bus was always waiting for me (yes, yes i know the bus driver hated me.....mais c'est la vie mes amies).

Sweat Pants-Marks&Spencer
Tank Top-souvenir from a "shoes' " expedition
Hoodie-Juicy Couture
Vintage Jean Jacket
Rings-Vintage & Accesorize
Ray Ban "Clubmasters"


On a Day Off....

Magnificent street style from models on a day off..



Elliot Atkinson Backstage AW11



Nicely Messy....


Braids.....the most ideal,highly stylish  hairstyle for the season(as you may have already realized since more and more designers choose braids as catwalk hairstyle,and celebrities also). Not too strict (for winter), nor too loose (for summer time), yet preppy enough you know for uni/school/office etc.....They have been my passion lately. Everyday you'll see me with a different type of braid,though my favorite tends to be the french one. I believe they are extra feminine.Ideal for long hair mostly, even though i believe that to be just a myth, braids look lovely in all hair types and lengths (it's just harder to make in short hair,but it's "doable" at least).
the one i do every day (almost) is one (or two often) tinny french braids with the bangs of my hair...
So people ,embrace messy hair and DO SOMETHING WITH IT(!!!!!!!!!!) don't let it be just like that.....(from personal experience)


Ippokratous str.15

The gang


So, i finally got the chance to get some (decent..) outfit photos.The other girls are two really close friends of mine,whose style also i find extraordinary. If you look really carefully you may notice that the photos aren't 100%......normal. Well yeah, that's because they were taken after hours of studying in the library.
What I also like very much about the way the girls (A. & D.) dress is that it's right.You know, outfits for the right time and place. I don't like the fact that most women (at least in Greece.I don't know what happens in other countries.) tend to have the problem of not dressing accordingly to the time,the place or even the significance of the event.
Anyway,to come to the outfits:
The "all-denim" one. It's really cute and rare (here in Greece) because most girls are afraid to attempt doing it ( myself included). But A. proves us all wrong and succeeds in it.It also is slightly like a Far West outfit due to all these tiny tinny details (the brown leather belt,the vest and off course the blue -handmade- cardigan).After all, jeans and denim are all time classics garments.
D's outfit.I just have 1 thing to say: " I LOVE PLAID SHIRTS" (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )and that's a fact. (period)
As for me, lately i've started to fall in love with this cardigan. It's black,it's silk (ok it's partly silk, but still) and it feels sooooooo soft on the skin. And i also wear in a daily basis that necklace.Actually it's a ring-watch (gift from my younger brother) and i just cannot take it of me.

After my last experience of having a "photoshoot for my blog guyyyys.Pleaaaase come on..." i decided to do it more often (especially when i have good company)since it was one of the top 3 funniest moment in the past few days.I mean, i do not know what other girls do to take their photos of their outfits for posting,but i know i liked what i did.We ended up tearing from laughing......


Brighton Pier

Natalia Vodianova shooted  for Harper's Bazaar in Brighton's Pier.


Off to study......please keep quite


Yaaaaah, good morning all.I'm off to my studying hall to do some studying off course.Even though it;s quite chilly here in Athens the past few days, i couldn't resist wearing my safari sorts.They just look so nice and i figured that it's not too late to be wearing them still.
Anyway, i got to go now because i'm really running late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1(i'll try to get some outfit photos today,i promise).


Cheap and Chic

I am a great supporter of the "belief" that a girl,especially nowadays and even more specifically in Greece,shouldn't spend a fortune in order to get dressed stylish.After all, it not the crown that makes the king (or whatever,something like that). For example the past few days i went to an H&M and i was mind-blown with what i saw.You see they are having an "All-Pants" collection for this season,and you can find everything about pants in extremely affordable prices.And when i say everything i mean E VE RY THING (!!!!!!) for everyone.From all types of trousers, to all the kinds of matching shoes, shirts, sweaters, blouses, blazers accessories, everything. Slightly preppy but perfect though for going to uni. or even, good enough for an office too.
Anyway,I DO NOT mean to make any free publicity or advertising for the brand,i just got over excited,as it was a complete (and pleasant!!!!) surprise, as i wouldn't, under any conditions, be able to spend money for something as new clothes.But really, i've read in another blog about an experiment a girl did.She decided not to buy anything for a whole year and she tested her creativity in matching the same clothes and accessories in new combinations and creating new outfits out of nothing.It really sounds...... challenging, but who would have the discipline to do so?


Made in the U.K.

Well, today was all about England for me. I blame nothing else but the weather for that, since from approximately from 14.00 or 15.00 dark clouds have been gathered above Athens and rain (1st RAIN OF THE SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) fell.(oops! ok i just realized that i've gone a bit out of the topic.... sorry).
So, as i wanted to say from the beginning, Britons have amazing sense of style in everything that they do. They may not have the tastiest cuisine, or the funniest jokes (for most of people . Myself personally i find british jokes hilarious and i am not just saying that), but anyway they have an amazing sense of style on their way of dressing, living and spending life in general. 
Here is a small example of that...


Happy 1st Autumn-Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Well,first off all "Good morning" !!!!! Secondly for everybody who lives in Athens "Happy 1st Day of Autumn" !!!!!!!!!!. Well today fall will be officially here,as rain is expected . Can't even describe how happy and excited i am,finally some proper clothes for a proper weather, since it's chilly enough (finally) to wear a nice, slightly warm,but above all cosy cardigan (there is no need for me to describe once more my love for cardigans). So, to all the rain & fall waiters there is just one thing to say "HAVE A NICE DAY"
p.s: @everybody "HAVE A NICE DAY"